Linen sarees & their specialty !

Linen sarees & their specialty !

Linen is a natural fabric like cotton except that linen takes longer to harvest and make into fabric. Hence the difference in pricing. When it comes to saris, the trend of using linen as a yarn is more recent. Linen saris are classy and predominantly simple. Like cotton saris, linen saris are very soft and light to drape but unlike cotton, linen does not get crushed easily. Because of this, linen saris are very popular.

  Linen yarn is sometimes mixed with cotton and silk, to bring out a different effect. There are very few weaving communities that uses linen and fewer still that tends to mix linen with other yarn.

Here are the different kinds of linen saris that are there in the market. We, at Parisera, have spent months bringing onboard brands that can bring the best of linen in the market.


 Pure linen:

Pure linen saris are light and soft. They drape well, and do not crush easily. They usually come in pastel colors with little to no designs. They can be worn with crop tops (for a fun night out), jacket blouse (if it’s for a business meeting) or traditional blouses (for functions). With right accessories, linen saris can be glamourous, festive, simple, or sexy.


Silk linen:

When linen is blended with silk, the combination is fascinating and looks lustrous. They are distinctive and tend to be lighter than silk but heavier than pure linen saris. These are much harder to find in the market and tends to be a little on the expensive side.


Linen-cotton :

  This is a blend of cotton and linen yarns. The biggest problem with cotton saris is that they gets crushed easily. Linen offers the lightness of cotton without the issue of getting crushed. Hence they are a lot easier to drape and maintain. 


Printed linen :

Linen saris usually come in pastel shades with little to no design. But the concept of printing designs on linen is increasingly becoming popular. Bright and intricate prints on pastel linen saris tend to stand out and make the whole sari look appealing. 


We have curated the best of linen saris in the market for you. Here are some for you to see.

Here are some of the linen saree collections from the house of Parisera.

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