Shipping Policy and Taxes

Domestic shipping policy

Parisera offers free shipping on saris/jewelry within India. Delivery is made within 2 to 4 business days from the time of order.


International shipping policy

Shipping costs are payable for shipping saris to locations outside India. Current shipping costs are as follows​;

Shipping charge - Our shipping charges are based on weight and are as follows

      0-1 kilo   : Rs 2400

      1-2 kilos : Rs 3500

      2-3 kilos : Rs 4200

      3-4 kilos : Rs 4700

      4-5 kilos : Rs 5200

      5-6 kilos : Rs 5600

      6-7 kilos : Rs 6000

      7-8 kilos : Rs 6350

      8-9 kilos : Rs 6700

      9-10 kilos : Rs 7000

If your total order weight exceeds 10 kilos, your order may be dispatched as  multiple orders. In this case, we will contact you regarding additional shipping charges. Please note that weight mentioned includes the weight of the packaging boxes along with the product(s) to be shipped.

  • International orders are normally processed within 4 - 5 business days from the date of orders for ready to ship products.
  •  All our products are packed in secure tamper proof packaging. If you find that the package is tampered with please do not accept delivery of the same from the carrier. If the customer accepts delivery, it will be deemed that the product arrived in a tamper proof condition.
  • All products ordered in one cart will be shipped to one shipping address. If there is a requirement for the products to be shipped to more than one shipping address then please create separate orders in separate carts for each address.
  • Any additional taxes / import duties / customs charges levied by the country of import will be chargeable to the customer. The customer is liable to reimburse the carrier for any such charges paid by carrier on behalf of customer.


Taxes (Goods and services tax)

Taxes (GST) are applicable on both saris (5%) and jewelry (3%) as well as shipping. However, our prices for products and shipping displayed are inclusive of applicable taxes. We do not collect additional taxes on either the product prices or shipping at checkout.