Exclusive new designs from TheSilkLine; introducing the 'doodle elephant' and the 'sun and moon' saris!

Sarees so comfortable; you can go to work wearing them. 


Our hand picked collection of cotton, silk cotton, tussar silk and raw silk sarees that exude elegance while being light weight and easy to drape.

Brand introduction : Lasya



Lasya is the dance of Parvati/Shakti. And according to mythology, Shakti stands for life itself. The dance of life at its depth gives rise to a multitude of art forms.


Lasya is a brand that crafts elegant silver earrings and neck pieces, with a strong emphasis on the craft and art. 

Brand spotlight


coorv designs

The brand Coorv designs aims at pushing forward the frontiers of the traditional skills through constant experimentation and bring out a product which at once is unique.

Each sari of theirs evokes a sense of culture and tradition. The Indianness of Coorv designs rests in the handcrafting process where each product stands for its uniqueness.

Crafts in focus

bhagalpur WEAVES

Elegant weaves from the town of Bhagalpur in Bihar.



Ajrak is an ancient block-printing method from Ajrakhpur village in Kutch and also Barmer.


The traditional colours found in Ajrakh printing are deep and earthy, symbolizing nature. 

The curator's picks

At Parisera, most of our time is spent curating saris and jewelry. Our in-house team of experts are always in the lookout for new crafts that add value to our customers. This section features some of their picks. This month, we present exclusive 'checked saris' from our favorite brands.



Geometric patterns have been used in the design of fabric for centuries. The use of 'checks/stripes' in sarees imparts a vintage flavor.

These patterns are made exclusively by hand, using techniques that have been perfected over decades. 


Whats new


Mura collective

New addition of Tussar-cotton and Maheshwari silk sarees woven using the Japanese tie and dye technique of Shibori; from brand Mura collective.


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