Upgrade your Workwear wardrobe !

Upgrade your Workwear wardrobe !

Sarees are a big part of the Indian wardrobe but one of the misconceptions about sarees is that they aren't suited for work. This notion is being challenged today by light weight sarees that are easy to drape, affordable and don't take a lot of effort for maintenance. In this short blog, we explore some fabrics that make elegant sarees that can be used for work.


Cotton sarees :

Cotton sarees are perfect for everyday wear. Comfort , ease of maintenance and draping make cotton sarees an obvious choice. At Parisera, we have an entire section dedicate to cotton sarees here.



Linen Sarees :

Linen is another great option when it comes to work wear. Linen is another natural fabric such as cotton that is derived from the flax plant. Linen has its own unique texture and feel and is mostly used for crafting plain or printed sarees. You can check out our collection of linen sarees here.



Georgette Sarees :

Georgette is typically made from pure silk and those are the ones you can find on our site. Georgette is extremely fine, soft and flowy and the sarees are light in weight as a result. They are perfect for embroidery and printing; you can find our georgette collection here.



Tussar Sarees :

Tussar is a natural silk fiber that is perfect for weaving. Tussar sarees are light in weight and have a unique lustre. Tussar silk sarees come in various patterns. They can be plain, woven with motifs, printed and sometimes even used in ikkat weaves. Due to their light weight, they can be used as work wear. Our collection of tussar silk sarees can be found here.


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