The PARISERA model

The PARISERA model

At Parisera, we use a decentralized model for our operations. We have brands located in different parts of India, each specializing in a craft unique to that region. We have a network of customers within India and other parts of the world that appreciate genuine products. The curation and the quality control happens on our end while the production takes place at multiple locations. This decentralized model has several advantages over a standard one;


A platform for the brands:

A lot of small brands who work directly with weavers spend a good portion of their time selecting the colors for the fabric, the type of fabric as well as the designs and concepts. It is quite difficult for them to put together a team to build and manage a website to catalogue their saris or jewellery. By offering them a reliable platform, we let them display their products to customers all over the world with no costs involved. Empowering small brands is one of our core objectives!


Curation over control:

While we at Parisera don't directly control the production process, we have a team of experienced curators. Every product that is displayed on our site has been curated by one of them. We let our brands use their creativity to design their products and then curate so that the best of those products end up on our website.


Ample options:

A decentralized model lets us display a huge quantity of unique products on our site. We want each and every customer to have ample options while shopping on our online store!


Superior pricing:

As a platform, we charge the lowest fees to the brands among our competitors in the market. The brands are encouraged to price their products reasonably to appeal to a broad range of shoppers. Our pricing often times is much lower than in-store prices as our model helps us in shaving off unnecessary costs.


No compromises on quality:

Every product sold on Parisera is dispatched from the same centre. While the product is decentralized, quality control isn't. We have a team of experts for quality control and only dispatch if the product is satisfactory our QC team.

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