Colors for different vibes !

Colors for different vibes !

Each color has its own meaning and influence. Color grabs the attention of people and has great influence over setting the mood and ambience. When it comes to sarees, perhaps the single most important aspect is the color. In this short blog, we cover the significance of some common colors as they relate to sarees.


Red :

Red is the color for celebration, love and most importantly weddings. It is an empowering color and a symbolic representation of passion and sensuality. The color red is commonly used for bridal silk sarees. These days, it is fashionable to add a bit of pink into the mix so that the saree has a dual tone. Red goes well with gold and silver jewelry.

Yellow :

Yellow is a religious color which represents warmth, optimism and light. All shades of yellow exude a positive and happy vibe. It is considered as a day-time color and is associated with freshness and positivity. In Indian weddings, yellow is the color of the Haldi ceremony, a pre-wedding ritual performed to bless the bride and groom.

Orange :

Orange is a warm color depicting freshness and brightness. It is also a good day-time tone and is apt for outdoor functions. Orange is a difficult color to pull off but with right accessories, one can make this color work well.

Pink :

Pink is a feminine and romantic color. It is a calming color associated with love and kindness. Pink works well under any lighting and is also quite an easy color to match with jewelry.

Green :

Green is the color of nature and associated with prosperity and fun. Dark green also imparts a vintage vibe, especially to silk sarees.

Blue :

Blue is a color of peace, calm and serenity. Pastel shades of blue can exude a contemporary vibe while deeper tones look more traditional. It is no uncommon to see silk sarees that are only woven with blue tones.

Black :

Black is an all time versatile color. It is a great color for evening wear and represents power, sincerity and responsibility. Although some people avoid blacks for auspicious occasions, its a hard color to match especially when contrasted with maroon, red or pink.

Purple :

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