Understanding the different textures of silk sarees

Understanding the different textures of silk sarees

Silk sarees have a unique texture and feel and this depends on a number of factors. Some sarees are extremely soft, some have a satin, slippery finish while some others have a rough texture. In this short blog, we discuss the key factors that determine the final texture of a hand-woven silk saree.

Type of weave

 The weave of the silk saree plays a key role in determining its texture. Different types of weaves, such as plain, twill and satin weaves, can create a variety of textures. For example, a simple weave creates a soft and smooth texture, whereas a twill weave creates a diagonal line that adds slightly coarse texture.

Yarn Thickness

The thickness of the yarn used to weave a silk saree also affects its texture. Thinner yarns usually produce a soft texture while thicker ones are less soft in comparison. 

Finishing Process

When the saree is woven, the weaver applies water on the woven portion of the saree. If plain, distilled water is used, the resulting texture can be quite soft. If a bit of starch is used, it can make the texture much stiffer. 

The Fabric 

Different type of silk fabrics have different inherent textures. Crepe silk, for example, can be extremely soft while tussar/muga silk have a coarseness associated with the fabric. 


There are different texture sarees such as satin, soft, smooth, coarse, sheer and matte based on the weave type and yarn.


Satin texture

Crepe sarees have a satin texture which makes their colors vibrant. 

Soft texture

Soft silk sarees are made from fine and delicate yarns which givens them a soft and shiny texture. .

Rich and smooth texture

Kanjivaram sarees are famous for their rich and smooth texture with vibrant colors and intricate designs.

Coarse texture

Raw silk sarees are well-known for their coarse and textured appearance with simple designs. 

Sheer texture

Chanderi sarees have a delicate and sheer texture.

Matte texture

Cotton sarees are well-known for their matte and airy texture. 


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