Ten Must have Sarees - An Insider's Guide !

Ten Must have Sarees - An Insider's Guide !

In India, fashion is not a statement. It is more a language of love, expression and divinity itself. Juts like how here are so many forms of painting, such as watercolors, oil, acrylic and so on, there are so many art forms of weaving in India. Every state has at the very least one main weaving style, which is unique in taste, preference and the yarn most accessible in the state. It is the richness, availability and the abundance of different types of yarn and fabric in India that even makes it possible for us to have so many weaving styles. This can all be overwhelming. So we decided to make a list of ‘must have’ saris in your collection.

1 . Masters of Silk :
Silk as a fabric was associated with royalty less than 100 years back. Because of the strength, toughness and the richness of the silk yarn, so many different weaving styles use silk predominantly, as it’s easier to weave intricate patterns. That gave birth to kanjivarams and benarasis, which are truly works of art.


2 . Comfort of Cotton :
The Indian summers can be very harsh. Hence the daily wear saris tend to be cotton, and very light. Bengal cotton/muslin is famous for how light and transparent the material is even after it’s woven. Kanchi cotton, sungudu are some of the other cotton saris that are famous, comfortable yet beautiful. 


3 . Elegance in Organza :
When elegance meets modesty , there you have the organza saris. Their lustrous, sheen and glossy texture are a combination which adapts itself to any festive/party wear. If you like experimenting with different kinds of blouses, then organza saris are most suited, as they tend to blend with contemporary and traditional pieces equally.


4 . Breezy Crepe :
Sometimes, you might want to drape something light. Crepe is what you need! Once you drape a crepe, it’s hard to get the feeling it leaves behind, one of tenderness and grace. Most crepe saris come in printed designs. They are also really fun saris to wear. 


5 . Graceful Linens :
Linen saris are a lot harder to crush. They are light, comfortable and come in very simple pastel shades. Handwoven linen saris are harder to find, slightly more expensive than cotton, but tends to last a long time and can also be worn for just about anything.


6 . Simple tussar :
In a time when people are asking for vegan and organic silk, sometimes called ahimsa silk, tussar is the best alternative that is available to meet these conditions and requirements. Naturally harvested silk, tussar is economical, soft, graceful, simple and at the same time when accessorized can we worn for any occasion.


7 . Grand in Georgette :
If you like going for weddings, then georgette saris are a must have. They are transparent, light in weight, tend to have beautiful designs, and are the best suited for dancing while draped. 


8 . Delicate Dupion :
Dupion saris are a rarity. While the feel of the dupion is somewhat similar to georgette (so most people tend to go for georgette over dupion), everything else about the fabric is different.


9 . Ravishing Red :
Sarees are not just about the fabric and feel. Its colors are important as well. Red makes you fearlessly authentic. Red saree brings out the true grace and poise of every women.


10 . Black beauty :
Black is the only color that makes you look classy yet simple, charming yet effortless, sexy yet elegant - all at the same time. Never say never to a stunning black saree. Wearing black is a lifestyle.



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