It's Hand-woven!! Or is it?

It's Hand-woven!! Or is it?

Have you ever walked into a store and wondered if the sari they were showing was a power loom or a hand loom sari? So much has been spoken and written about this. The question is if the two were so hard to tell apart, then what makes one more special than the other?

Over a long period of time, power loom saris have been made to look exactly like hand woven saris. Just like how artificial gold looks exactly like real gold, but in the long run pure gold has more value. This is the same with a hand-woven sari. They last longer and maintain their luster and shine for more years compared to a machine made sari. The quality of hand-woven saris does not depreciate, they are indeed timeless. So if you are looking for a hand loom sari, think of it as an investment or a work of art.

Of course, it is not possible to own only hand woven saris. A combination of both is more practical. A few months back, a customer wrote to us, asking if a sari she had bought on another site was hand-woven. We got our expert onboard and through pictures, he was able to confirm that it indeed was a hand-woven sari. He also happened to know the style of weave and where it was woven and coincidentally the brand and the associated weaving unit.


A hand-woven silk sari has a look and feel that machine made ones simply cant compete with

So how is it so easy for him and so much harder for us? The answer is very simple. Years and years of practice. If you are paying money for a hand woven sari, then it better be one right? While many articles have been written and videos made on how to tell the difference, the truth is that sometimes it’s very hard to tell them apart till much later when one loses its potency in a short while and the other doesn’t.

This is why we decided to make our team accessible to you, our customers. Let our experts help you to differentiate, so you can be rest assured that your hard earned money is spent on a genuine hand woven sari.

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