Understanding color symbolism & psychology!

Understanding color symbolism & psychology!

Color symbolism varies across various regions in India based on the cultural and traditional beliefs, historical heritage and social criteria of the inhabitants. This is reflected very clearly in fashion. In this short blog, we discuss the prominence behind certain colors in different regions of the sub-continent.



South India 

In the south, red is a color associated with purity and fertility and is a popular choice for bridal sarees. Green symbolizes prosperity and growth and is commonly used during festivals and celebrations. Certain communities such as southern brahmins associate the color white with purity and new beginnings.



North India 

Red is a popular choice for bridal sarees in North India as it symbolizes love, passion and energy. Green and yellow are used in auspicious occasions as they symbolizes growth and new beginnings.



East India 

In East India, red and white are the most popular choice for bridal sarees. Red symbolizes passion and fertility while white is associated with purity and simplicity. Certain communities in eastern part of India such as Bengalis associate the color yellow with good fortune and wealth.



West India 

Red and gold are most loved colors in the western region of India for wedding celebrations and auspicious occasions. Red symbolizes love and affection while gold symbolizes wealth and prosperity. People in Gujarat associate the color green with good luck and success.


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