Varnam: Sky Blue Edition

We all come together to celebrate the energy of this universe, the empowerment of women, and the triumph of evil. Some parts of the nation consider Navratri as the most auspicious beginning of the year. At Parisera, we are bringing you a special series that focuses on the different forms of Devi with colours associated with each day. Read More

On the eighth day of Navratri, we invoke the blessings of Ma Mahagauri. When Parvathi was undergoing a rigorous penance to marry Shiva, she gave up on fresh food and survived only on raw fruits and vegetables. After some time, she started consuming only dried leaves. Thousands of years later, she did not touch even those leaves. Because of this tough Tapasya, Devi lost her radiance and looked dull and tired. 
Eventually, Shiva decided to stop this meditation and accepted for the marriage. But Parvathi in her skeletal form was extremely weak. So, the mighty Ganges that resides in his hair poured over Parvathi and cleansed her. The inner radiance of Devi illuminated her. 
The blue of the clear sky represents the goddess’s innate radiance. Gauri in Sanskrit means purity, beauty and perfection. When we worship to MahaGauri we ask her to bestow all this on us, so that we will be able to cleanse the inner walls of our soul. 
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