Varnam: Yellow Edition

Parisera welcomes you to immerse in the splendours of Indian traditions. We invite you to this special series that celebrates 9-Days of Navratri with 9 colours that depict the journey of Ma Durga. She is the universal energy that resides in every living form and we want to celebrate her triumph with you. Read More

After Shiva’s return from his meditation, he found Parvati in the forest. She was undergoing a rigorous penance for over thousands of years. Shiva found his consort and they agreed to get married. On the day of the wedding, the entire palace of the King Himavan was decorated beautifully. The doors were open with either side of the path filled with people waiting to welcome Shiva. The lord of the universe entered with a number of Yogis and Aghoris from the Ghats. He was covered in Ashes and his hair was loose in braids. Looking at this form of Shiva, the queen fainted. Parvati who heard this news came to the gates in her fiercest warrior form. Shiva understood and transformed into a handsome groom. This form is known as ‘Kalyana Sundar’. Parvati wore the moon as an ornament and thus, called as Ma Chandraghanta. The married form of Devi is worshipped for strength, bravery, peace and serenity. The colour yellow represents Devi’s most auspicious form.

Explore this special collection in the auspicious yellow colour.

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