Varnam: Pink Edition

Durga is the epitome of femininity. India celebrates her triumph for nine days and each day is dedicated to a special Devi Avatar and a distinct colour. At Parisera, we are bringing the Varnam Series that focuses on the tales of Devi inspired by the Devi Bhagavata Purana. Read More

After completing the creation of the Universe, Durga was visited by Lord Shiva. He wanted to have all the perfections of this world bestowed upon him. For this purpose, Devi created a powerful goddess called Siddhidatri - The provider of all Perfections. This goddess blessed Shiva with the eight primary perfections called Ashtasiddhi and ten secondary perfections. 
Now that Shiva received all the perfections, he was very happy. Later, Lord Vishnu visited Ma Siddhidatri and asked for a blessing. He told that he needed to create the mankind, so he needed the perfect energy of both male and female. This is when the goddess transformed Lord Shiva into Ardhanarieshwar. From this form, Vishnu created all of the mankind.
We invoke the blessings of Ma Siddhidatri with the colour pink which signifies her kind heart that blesses us with perfections and heals our soul. 

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