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Tuni’s saris are meant for the quintessential global Indian woman who seeks contemporary interpretations of traditional Indian handcraft. Read More

Introducing Tuni: Founded by Swati Maskeri, a graduate from National Institute of Design, Tuni explores combinations of old and new materials to create contemporary weaves on the handloom. Inspired alike by art and artisans, her saris are realized by the two traditional silk weavers, Ramchandrappa and Chandrashekhar with whom she works experimentally and collaboratively. Over the past 17 years, Swati has worked closely with crafts persons for design development in several traditional handloom-weaving styles all over India and is committed to create sustainable livelihoods through craft practices.

Why we love Tuni: Collaborating with third generation silk weavers and using the locally produced Mulberry silk, Tuni aims to perpetuate craft traditions and develop handloom techniques.

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