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The focus of ‘Translate’ is to revive the age-old traditional art of Ikat and bringing it to a larger audience through weaving, designing, producing and retailing, and thus creating awareness of India’s rich heritage in handlooms through this sustainable ancient art. The company’s focal point is also on the warp, weft and double Ikat technique that is almost on the brink of extinction. Read More

Introducing Translate :- ‘Translate’ is co-founded by the entrepreneur duo Vinita and Vickas Passary using artisanal fabrics that spell luxury. Vinita's talent lies in creating the perfect synergy of revolutionary patterns , coming up with designs that suits the classics and contemporary in equal. Vinita's commitment in reviving arts fused with unrelenting attention to quality and detail has helped carve her space successfully in the clothing industry. Her better half, Vickas Passary, a successful restaurateur and a passionate art-lover contributes through his business acumen.

Why we love Translate :- The brand creates saris using the traditional Pochampally Ikat weaving technique, yet making it relevant to the modern, contemporary and edgy woman. Prewashed fabric, specially treated VAT dyes make them comfortable to wear and bring together a fabulous drape.

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