Threadwork Kanjivarams

Parisera invites you to escape to Kanchipuram where details of the quotidian life are captured in the warp and weft of threads that make it eternally present. Among the most figurative forms of hand-woven textile of South India, it was practised under the patronage of the Royal families. Like inspired artists fascinated by life, these weavers depicted epics, myths, characters, nature and events around them in delightfully minute and expressive details. Spurred by the vibrant history of Kanchipuram, we bring to you a collection of Threadwork Kanjivaram saris for connoisseurs of originality and craftsmanship. In hues, featuring the famous, delicate and intricate motifs, each sari is like an escape to the city where idyllic life is punctuated by the clacking of the loom.

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