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Introducing Suparna Som: Founded by Suparna Som, NIFT graduate and a textile enthusiast, the brand is rooted in the ideologies of this land. She was always fascinated by the tales of the handspun weaves and the lasting fragrance of this nation’s traditions. The designer creates easy, fuss-free styles that reflect simplicity and minimalism. All the design elements are inspired by the beauty of West Bengal. She has effortlessly infused pretty floral motifs into the humble six yards which stands for auspicious and traditional sentiments of Bengali women.

Why we love Suparna Som: The latest collection from Suparna Som is heavily influenced by her grandmother’s life. She believes in a simple and content life, a way of living where nature and humans can thrive on a subtle balance, and to always stand by the laws of the land. We love the gentleness in the folds of this collection in terms of the colours, motifs, and patterns. It holds our heartstrings and keeps it close to the subtlety of pure art.

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