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Singhania’s silk saris in Kanjivaram and Organza pay tribute to the splendid diversity of handcrafted traditions of India, with influence of contemporary design and inspired creativity. Read More

Introducing Singhania: Synonymous with traditional handcrafted saris with dynamically evolving modern sensibilities for decades, Singhania caters to the contemporary connoisseurs yet consciously preserving the richness of the craft and tradition. Renowned for their characteristic individuality to infuse traditional crafts with a vibrant new life, they are forever creating and recreating saris that reflect the myriad of stories and conversations.

Why we love Singhania: Working with weaving clusters across the country they combine the traditional weaving methods with modern designs and interpretations, and simultaneously creating employment opportunities for many. Preserving the craft traditions and intangible knowledge systems of intricate skills, through employment and awareness drive, Singhania strives to makes difference from the roots itself.

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