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Label Shivangi Kasliwaal is a Jaipur based venture, working exclusively with high end, hand-woven Banarasi textiles. The label personifies elegance, and an old world charm that emanates from using the best possible weaving techniques, designs and materials. Read More

Introducing Shivangi Kasliwaal: Shivangi Kasliwaal belongs to Benaras. Her family has been in the weaving industry for over a century. They had over 200 looms in their premises until the late eighties and she grew up seeing sari weaving every day. The master weavers who she works with today are the same young lads who had accompanied their father and grandfather while they were working for her family.

Why we love Shivangi Kasliwaal:  No Indian wedding trousseau is complete without the beautiful Benarasi sari. Meticulously woven by the master weavers of this ancient city, each sari of this hand-picked ensemble embodies a renaissance of age-old craftsmanship, design and colour. Shivangi Kasliwaal's speciality is the kadhwa weave (where in addition to the warp & weft, there is a third yarn used to do embroidery on the loom). This is a highly skilled & time-consuming process and the master-weavers who specialize in this technique are getting rarer to find by the day.

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