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Sameeksha was founded with the mission of reviving and popularising Hand Embroidery. The vision was to encourage women to embroider for women. It’s about the exquisite beauty of thread & needle that can weave magic in the skilled & nimble fingers of women. Read More

Introducing Sameeksha: Preserving the Essence of Traditional Hand Embroidery & passing on the Legacy to the next generations is of utmost Importance! At Sameeksha, we embroider on only natural eco-friendly fabrics and each piece of clothing is unique. Sujaya Mahesh the founder and designer of Sameeksha has expertise in teaching & training women in hand embroidery. Each of her Saris have Stories to narrate through choice of Motifs, Colours & Themes.

Why we love Sameeksha: Sameeksha yarns to revive old & forgotten motifs & contemporise to appeal to all age groups of consumers. Rich natural fabrics like silk, tussar and cotton are enriched with delicate needlework, worked tirelessly to make each piece an heirloom. The collection of saris presented is an exquisite collection of Kasuti and Negi Embroidery of Karnataka, giving a subtle, bold and feminine yet is a luxurious textural treat. Kasuti and Negi are ancient forms of hand embroidery practiced till date in Northern parts of Karnataka.

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