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These exquisite handwoven and hand dyed textiles are feast for all five senses – raw mesmerizing beauty that your eyes behold, earthy aromas that you smell, uneven textures that you feel, rural love that you taste and fascinating stories that you hear. Read More

Introducing Resha: Founded by Medhavani Yadav, Resha is formed out of her immense love for rich tradition of Indian textiles and academic experiences as a Textile Designer from National Institute of Design. Undaunted by the market trends or forecasts, Resha strides confidently with traditional designs in contemporary attitude, as it weaves and dyes dreams into colourful textiles that Resha is known for.

Why we love Resha: Fresh perspectives, love for life and respect for freedom stimulates Resha to play fearlessly with colours. Dynamically and delightfully, it reflects all that life is made of.

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