What do we mean by crafted luxury?

Updated: Mar 19

When the word 'luxury' is added to a product, often it makes us think of those that are made in European countries such as France and Italy, where luxury is part of their identity. But to us, luxury means something different . What most people oversee are the rich and precious crafts and artistry that our Indian culture has to offer. What makes our saris or jewelry a luxury? Why do we specifically use the word luxury?

Each one of our products is skillfully crafted by hand to impart a sense of luxury to the user

When luxury is exclusive

Every sari sold in Parisera is carefully curated. The fact is that having a sari that is truly considered exclusive means that you possess something others don't. The artistic designs and materials used adds value to each product making them exotic and generally just a single sari of the same kind is made.

When luxury is a feeling

Luxury is a feeling… something you aspire to and reward yourself with for all your hard efforts. Apart from the quality of the product, it also shows how much appreciation you have for these products. Our products add value to you because simply because you have an eye to recognize that value; whether it is the intricacy of the craft or the nature of the design of one of our products.

When luxury is a functional

Parisera not only has saris and jewelry for your special days but also for your day to day wear. We have one of the best collection of lightweight, easy to carry, all-day wear saris in a wide range of colors, crafts and price points as well as a range of jewelry that can brighten up your daily life without breaking your budget!

When luxury is an experience

Luxury has evolved from ownership to experience: convenience, choice, value, and the ability to share. Parisera strives to provide our customers with a pleasant and favorable purchase experience. We also have in-house designers and stylists who assist our customers with their purchase. Our products are like an investment that you can pass down to your daughters and granddaughters.

When luxury is who you are

The Indian weaving community is the backbone of Parisera. Weaving is an amazing craft. For us, true luxury is having the option to choose between a beautiful silk saree woven in Rajkot and a grand silk saree woven in Kanjivaram at the comfort of your home. When we see a hand-woven saree or a hand crafted jewelry, it tells the story about how they are made and who made them. We are proud to say that our weavers and their artistry are what makes Parisera, the crafted luxury it is.