Weaving through the lock down

Everybody’s day to day routine and work life has changed drastically with the strike of the pandemic and the Indian hand loom sector is not immune to this. But this is only from a business standpoint. Nothing can stop the creative workflow of our weaving community.

The weavers have been working every day, throughout the multiple lock downs, to create something new.

There is no major setback in hand loom sari production as for most of the weavers, their home is their workplace. As we begin to take our first steps back to normality, more and more fresh and exquisite saris have hit the market. Due to the ample time and less production pressure during this tough period, each sari/jewelry has received the craftsman's coveted attention, which in turn has created these flawless handcrafted gems.

We are pleased to bring you our new collection of these inestimable saris and jewelry directly from the weavers and craftsmen to our platform. Check out our new collection here.

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