The 'tree of life' shows how Parisera works.

The idea

Saris, saris and saris! Flooded with beautiful hand-woven silks all around, an inspiration struck. Whenever we wanted to purchase a sari, it was a fatiguing task! We had to search for a trustworthy source of hand-woven saris. Most often we wouldn’t even have access to saris of our choice from brands that we loved. And it was just not possible for us to plan a trip every time we wanted to shop a craft from its birthplace.

We knew so many Indians all over the world in the same predicament as us. At the same time, we were very aware of how little the rest of the world knew of our incredibly talented weaving communities. How many of us had access to kanjivarams, banarasis, aranis, paithanis, patolas or kalamkaris ?

Soon we realized that even in India, there was a huge gap. People in the south predominantly had access to only the weaves of the south and likewise with the people in the north and north-east.All this inspired us to create Parisera.

The beginning

Founded in 2014, Parisera, meaning “environment” in Sanskrit, was launched as an online retail store to connect customers all over the world, including in India to the best of Indian weaves. We wanted to create an environment where all the crafts that we cherished are just a click away. Parisera soon evolved into a hub of brands that were directly involved with one or many weaving communities. We had big and small brands, but every brand was authentic.

We know that India is not a homogeneous country. Our diversity is well represented in the hands of our many artisans, who carry forward their ancestral legacies and each sari tell a story as old as time. To this end, we focused on bringing together this diversity of art and artists, allowing our customers to don a portion of this history and legacy. We are of course supported in this endeavor by like-minded weavers and brands from all over the country who took immense pride in bringing their craft to the world.

The new management

We are incredibly grateful for every customer of ours and brands that have gone out of their ways to support us. We hope to bridge the gap between weaving communities, brands on one end and customers on the other. The 'new' Parisera aims to do this with our revised fair pricing policies. We hope to grow more and bring you the finest of our culture and tradition.

What makes us different

Ecommerce for textiles and jewelry has picked up tremendous pace since covid-19. There are hundreds of small businesses who have chosen to take their stores online during this period and we think this is great for the consumer. However, we stand apart from the rest;

  • Careful curation and standards : While each of our brands are experts in their craft, we have an inhouse team of experts to curate every sari and every piece of jewelry that is on our site. We also employ strict quality standards to make sure that your ordered product comes free of defects.