Reincarnation: The cycle of the Sari

We are seeing a huge market where women , despite having innumerable other options, still opt for a sari

Fashion and clothing have a different definitions and interpretations depending on the time, culture and the society that we are in. In India, for instance, the saree which was considered regular wear at a point in time has now morphed into occasional wear. Wearing a sari might be a fashion statement now, but it started from being a humble drape used by women thousands of years ago.

In ancient times, a woman had just a strip of cloth to hide their modesty. They improvised innovative ways to drape this piece of cloth which is called a sari now. Every part of India has its sari draping style, to the point where a woman draped in a sari is instantly relatable as something to do with India.

Every region had its own style of draping, again this more flexible than restrictive. Draping styles were never rigid.

But somewhere along the line, with external influences playing a huge role, women stopped experimenting with their sari draping and the styles overtime became rigid. They stopped having fun with the Sari. And started struggling with draping styles they couldn’t conform to.

Today, we have gone back to the start. Fashion is a cycle that repeats itself making the sari the ‘IT’ clothing now. Women have started exploring and experimenting with this 6 yards of beauty. With online communities and stores ensuring that women are not restricted to weaves, we are seeing an explosive market where women despite having innumerable other options, still opt for a sari. Because it’s just so much fun!

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