Ramar blue

Updated: Mar 16

A comic depiction of lord Rama and the squirrel

Today we would like to tell you a story.

When the Vanar sena ('monkey brigade') was building a bridge to Lanka, a little squirrel was also contributing, by adding sand to the bridge by carrying it in its tiny hands. The Vanar sena laughed at this, saying that it was as good as nothing for the giant structure. Lord Rama on seeing this, took the little squirrel in his hands and caressed its fur-coat.

He said to the Vanaras, "You are doing a wonderful job bringing all these huge boulders and stones but did you notice that it is the tiny pebbles and stones brought by the squirrels that are filling the small gaps left between the huge stones and making it strong?" It is believed that the three white stripes on a squirrel’s back are the signs of Lord Rama’s touch indicating that dedication is what matters.

There is a particular shade of blue which is often referred to as Ramar blue. But to us, ‘Ramar blue’ depicts the oceanic love that is available to us, irrespective of the giver or receiver. To us, this is all shades of blue. Working with different brands, we bring to you hues of blues, in every possible shade. 

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