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Medium presents a collection of subtle and stunning handcrafted saris that is inspired by the love for natural geometry and the quintessential Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Read More

Introducing Medium: Founded by Riddhi Jain, EDIDA India Student of the Year 2015, Medium is an individual/collaborative platform that gives visual and tactile form to people's stories and experiences. Medium fundamentally believes in the transience of life. Drawing diverse inspiration from chipped walls, dripping paints, knots of trees, dead branches, rough hewn, off kilter, crooked cobble stones, and everything that stimulates a feeling of brevity, it's products have the ability to be both reminiscent and queer. It creates and appreciates beauty in its entirety - in the impermanence, imperfection, incompletion and almost evoking a mono no aware moment.

Why we love Medium: Their products build a personal connect by being holistically handmade which gives each product its own character. Its unique in its irregularity and imperfections. In the era of machine made mass productions striving to achieve perfection, Medium’s offerings are defined by the their solitary personality.

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