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The brand strives to work globally yet retains the essence of authenticity. Textile development is at the heart of it and which is why its manifestation in apparel is not a priority. Read More

Introducing Manish Saksena:-A lifestyle specialist with 25 years of experience in design, product, management, marketing, store design, visual merchandising and backend in the Retail industry. He has been instrumental in creating landmark changes in the Lifestyle Industry in India through his experience in new and different formats of retail. As varied as being a part of the entry of International Brands to creating successful homegrown brands, from Flagship Retailing in metros to Tier 2 emergence and expansion, Manish brings with him a wealth of core consumer experience.
The brand's effort is to appeal to the modern woman in a way that makes her look at the saree as a great alternative to her other usual attires. This happens when it speaks to her in her language but incidentally in another form. A twist to the classics is what it is about. The passion is largely rooted and driven by a belief in keeping this elegant form alive in spite of all the interpretations and distortions in the guise of making it contemporary.
Why We Love Manish Saksena:- Saree as a form inspires for its longevity in relevance and elegance, handloom connotes authenticity,  creativity and a diminishing skill. The collection advocates purest form of artistry and craftsmanship.

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