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The Label delves into reinvigorating the aesthetics of the weave, modernizing the humble fabric and providing the discerning clientele, a sustainable fashion. Read More

Introducing Manas: The art of infusing forgotten tales with a new lease of life makes the tale richer in context. The art form takes new dimensions thus, catering to a wider audience. Revival of weaves is one such process where the designer instills his aesthetic sense to recreate marvels that will celebrate the handloom sector. The label Manas, founded by Manas Ghorai in 2009 is driven by his deep belief in the revival and upkeep of the handwoven weaves of India.

Why we love Manas:The brand propagates the founder’s strong value system in treasuring the communities that thrives on the means of handloom weaving. We share the rooted belief and the inclination to work at grassroots of the handloom sector.

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