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Lai embodies the coming together of jewellery, craft and history in finely handcrafted sterling silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets, nose pins and more; rooted in tradition but infused with a contemporary personality. Read More

Introducing Lai: An India and California based jewellery label that designs and manufactures unique, culturally inspired collections of handcrafted jewellery in sterling silver. At the heart of Lai’s aesthetic is jewellery with a story, rife with historic references and inspiration. Through thoughtfully handcrafted jewellery, Lai believes in offering relevant and contemporary ways for women to express their taste in culture, history and the arts.

Why we love Lai: From the exquisite beauty of Spain’s Alhambra palace interpreted in intricate chandelier earrings, to a range of jewellery that draws from the tradition of Mehndi, every collection from Lai has a story to tell. Lai subscribes to Fair Trade principles, with jewellery handcrafted in sterling silver by expert artisans using time honoured techniques.

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