Kattam and Kadhal

One of the interesting parts of the Kanchi weave is its indulgence in the geometrical shapes and patterns. 'Kattams' is the celebrated form of this Silk sari. Many types of box patterns are found in the Kanjivarams like the Palum Pazhamum, Paimadi, Kottadi, Muthu Kattam, and more exciting ones. These patterns are inspired by the crafts, nature, architecture and the sheer beauty of the life around us. You will find that the weavers of Kanchipuram infuse sanctity into the strands of Silk.

Explore this collection where we have curated a selection of rich Kanjivarams that boasts of this Kattam patterns in all its glory. Each Kattam style is quintessentially Tamil in nature. The Silk threads along the warp and weft come together creating a beautiful design pattern which is the result of the weaver's laborious craftsmanship.

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