On the darkest night, in the chambers of a prison, when the rains lashed the window panes, Lord Krishna was born. At that time, Mathura was ruled by a ruthless dictator named Khamsa. He was destined to be killed by the son of Devaki and Vasudeva - Krishna!

Krishna's birth filled the world with joy and happiness. The lord advocates selfless love and utter surrender. On Janmashtami, we have curated a special collection of saris in the colours of a peacock feather.

The feather that he adorns in his crown signifies his youthful days. It is lovingly noted that his lover Radha gave him a single peacock feather on his last day at Vrindavan. She knew that he will never return to her, but will always be part of his soul. Today, we ask you to indulge in this collection and allow us to share with you the remarkable artistry of weavers.

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