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Producing a piece of tradition using traditional means will help the weaving community to grow and evolve with a healthy sustainability. Read More

Introducing Ira Creations: An Engineer by education and an ardent art lover by the heart made Shradha Padhi start her own label. She works with weavers from Sonepur/Subarnapur and Bargarh region of Western Odisha. The journey has taken Ira Creations from learning about indigenous crafts from weavers in Odisha to breathing a new life into the fading artistic traditions of the community and start intriguing collaborations with artists across the Country.

Ira Creations is trying hands at giving a progressive interpretation to the traditional weaves through the concept of free spirit style in natural clothing. The outfits reflect the age-old passion of craftsmen through the weaves and the label’s vision through the designs. They are also supporting women by imparting them with the knowledge of stitching skills and employing them to make bags. 

Why We Love Ira Creations: We love the exotic oriental look of handloom with a hint of modernity. The colours are traditional and yet bring a contemporary charm to the weaves. 


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