Inimitable Borders

Explore this collection with us, which focuses on the two distinctly coloured borders, on either side of the sari, inspired by the two mighty Indian Rivers - The Ganga and The Jamuna. The weavers often infuse natural elements of the land into the warp and weft of the sari. One such famous and celebrated styles in borders is the Ganga-Jamuna Border which not only borrows its name from the rivers but also has a deeper meaning attached to it. The contrasting colours portray the duality in nature around us. Thus, the weave subtly celebrates the two faces of every living being around us. The saris in this collection display the nuances of the weave, rich heritage of the land, and the ancient design patterns. Kanjivarams are both old and contemporary at the same time, the saris here will mesmerize the new age connoisseurs with its modern relevance.

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