Covid guidelines for 2021

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We, at Parisera, are committed to providing a safe and sanitized work place for our staff. We strictly adhere to our covid guidelines when conducting our daily activities such as product handling, quality checking and packing. You can check our guidelines here .

UPDATE (08.05.21) : All orders placed on or after 09.05.21 will be dispatched only post 24.05.21 due to the state wide lockdown.

A collection inspired by a painting

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The above is our recreation of a famous painting by the artist Ravi Verma. Inspired by the stunning simplicity of the saree draped by the woman in the painting, we have created a collection of such sarees. Click on the link below to shop.

Brand introduction : Roots



Roots is a manufacturer of Bengal sarees which are crafted through handloom weaving using materials such as pure cotton, pure silk, cotton silk, jaamdani, moslin and Bengal linen.

Their sarees are an epitome of elegance; check them out!

The Parisera Sale

Its that time of the year again! We present great offers from some of our saree and jewelry brands; good through the months of April, May and June. 


Brand spotlight


Amrith weaves creation

Amrith Weaves Creation is a brand which has vast experience in crafting all kinds of silk, linen and dupion saris utilizing weaving

communities all over India.

Their entire range of sarees is crafted with  'affordable luxury' being the central theme

Crafts in focus


The temple town of Kanjivaram is famous for its skilled weavers of silk sarees. Check out our curated collection of Kanjivaram silk sarees!

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coimbatore weaves.jpg


The water used for finishing the sarees in Coimbatore is said to be so clear that the sarees have a unique luster. Our collection of soft silk sarees woven in Coimbatore are affordable and light weight


Exclusive earrings and neckpieces crafted in the town of Jaipur, Rajasthan using traditional techniques that have been  passed down for generations!


The curator's picks

At Parisera, most of our time is spent curating saris and jewelry. Our in-house team of experts are always in the lookout for new crafts that add value to our customers. This section features some of their picks. This month, we present exclusive 'Korvai Kanjivaram silk saris' from our favorite brands.


The Korvai collection


We present a collection of exclusive contrast Kanjivaram silk sarees where the body and the border colors are chosen independently and then woven together.


Whats new

New addition of Tussar-cotton and Maheshwari silk sarees woven using the Japanese tie and dye technique of Shibori; from brand Mura collective.


Skillfully crafted Kanjivarams from Sita Mahalakshmi silks! 

New addition of tussar muga silks, soft silks as well as Kanjivarams from brand; Shreenivas silks



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Customer tales

We love hearing from our customers about their experience with Parisera as well their love for the saris and crafts. If you have your own stories to share with us, please contact us

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