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Heeya reinvents the textiles of the North East in handwoven saris that reflect the rich handloom heritage of the region. Drawing on traditional motifs, patterns and colours, Heeya aims to promote rare craft traditions and revive skills that are in danger of extinction. Read More

Introducing HeeyaA label that is infusing new life into the textiles of North East India, Heeya has reinvented traditional garments to create striking saris, both in cotton and silk, woven by women weavers. The North East of India has the highest density of hand looms, but little is known of its textiles beyond the region. Heeya is bridging this gap by creating contemporary products rooted in tradition. Founder Jonali Saikia Khasnabish aims to promote rare handloom and craft traditions from under-explored regions and also help connect the art of its women weavers to the rest of the world.

Why we love HeeyaHeeya cotton saris are entirely woven by hand, without the use of jacquard machines, taking up to one to six weeks each to weave. Made of super fine cotton, the saris are light-as-air but luxurious. The expert women weavers of Assam’s Mishing community use the extra weft style, creating intricate motifs and designs. Heeya attempts to revive motifs and skills that are in danger of extinction by supporting weaving communities in the region.

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