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Parisera invites you to be mesmerized by the exquisite collection of Jamdanis. The art of Jamdani weaving is believed to be a 2000 year-old art, and has been declared as ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO. Read More

Ethereal in its appearance, the textile derives its name from two Persian words; ‘Jam’ meaning flower and ‘Dani’, a vase, that is a flower-vase. Another etymological claim is the word is of Persian origin, derived from ‘jama’ (cloth) and ‘dana’ (woven motif). Said to be woven with the ‘threads of winds’, the history of the Jamdani can be traced back over 2,000 years and accounts by Roman and Greek raconteurs prove that this ‘Gangetic muslin’ was amongst the most prized article among traders even centuries ago. Under the patronage of Mughal rulers, the Jamdani muslin weaving in Bengal reached heights and the legendary Ab-i-Rawan or 'flowing water' was woven. Even today, it is coveted for its thin, gossamer-like appearance with ornate and intricate patterns that seem to float on the fabric that makes Jamdani truly luxurious and exquisite.

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