Fatafati Kolkata

The city of Kolkata is steeped in traditions, colourful festivals, mouth-watering food and sweets but it is the many weaves of this land that is truly fascinating for us. Jamdani is one of the highest achievement in the Indian textiles and the pride of Bengal. The beauty of Jamdani is referred to ‘running water’ or ‘sensual quality of moonlight’ for its transparent fabric where the motifs look like they are floating on top of the sari. The supplemental weft technique also beautifully known as ‘loom embroidery’ adds elegance to this historic weave. Read More

Parisera pays tribute to the city of Kolkata with this dainty Jamdani collective, heavily influenced by the Mughal in its design sensibility. This collective is carefully curated by including both the traditional aesthetics and the modern representaions of this exquisite weave.

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