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Ethnik Yarn seeks and weaves inspirations and yarns that reflect a distinctive impression of human-hands. It is about the woven beauty and magnificence of India that focuses on the unknown artisans whose yarns spin a celebration of the human spirit. Read More

Introducing Ethnik Yarn: Believer in preservation of legacy and nurturing the tradition of 'hands and heart' alongside being eco-conscious, saris from Ethnik Yarn are like narratives of weaves and needles. Charmed by the familiar, intrigued by the unknown, and every little thing that make up the place called ‘world’, each sari is a wonder.For Kasturi Guha, the founder and designer of Ethnik Yarn, her experiences in Kolkata, Murshidabad and Canada seemed to have woven in saris that resonate the her romantic universe and ethical commitments.

Why we love Ethnik Yarn: Ethnik Yarn consistently attempts to revive and restore natural practices to keep indigenous craftsmanship alive. Subtle yet bold, feminine yet edgy, it combines the beauty of delicate needlework and rich textural treatments on luxurious natural fabrics like khadi, cotton, silk, tussar, matka and linen, crafting a style that is both retro and à la mode.

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