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Eina Ahluwalia’s jewellery powerful and meaningful expressions forged in curves of sterling silver, semi-precious stones and deepest thoughts. Read More

Introducing Eina Ahluwalia: Trained under the pioneering conceptual jeweller Ruudt Peters in Holland, and a student of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence, Italy. Eina Ahluwalia is the foremost name in the area of conceptual jewellery. From the rich and famous to the influential and thoughtful, all have adorned her exceptional pieces that are synonymous with handcrafted luxury jewellery poised at the intersection of art, fashion and design. Rooted in tradition and imbued with meaning and revolving around the themes of feminism and spirituality, each of Eina’s cathartic creation is a message, reminder and expression to reclaim, renew and celebrate the irrepressible independent identity that responds to life with love, respect and passion.

Why we love Eina Ahluwalia: It is also a secret crusade to subvert the paradigm of jewellery as a means of ornamentation loaded with patriarchal symbolisers and an object to beautify to outdo another. She reclaims and redefines jewellery as a woman’s way of expressing her independent identity, a symbol of empowerment, purely for her own enjoyment, as a celebration of herself.

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