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Vibrant hand knotted Bandhini from the remote villages of Gujarat. Read More

Introducing Dyelogue: Rachita Parekh began the journey 15 years ago when she traveled to understand craft clusters and bridge the gap between the rural design and the urban demand. The frequent collaborations with the artisans led her to imbibe their distinct design vocabulary. A year ago, destiny took her to Ahmedabad where she began this label. The brand works closely with the clusters in Kutch who specializes in Bandhini.

Why we love Dyelogue: The collection from Dyelogue is innovative where the craft of hand knotted Bandhini is created on fabrics like Crepe, Gajji Silk, and Georgette that combines the age-old technique and contemporary design sensibilities. Also, we adore the designer’s quest to project the ancient crafts of the nation onto the colorful modern canvas suiting the urban woman of India.

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