Dussehra is round the corner and Parisera welcomes you to the 9-day event where we bring forward the distinct Dussehra festivals of this diverse nation that hail the victory of Durga over the demon. Every curation will speak of the craft that is imbibed in the rich heritage of this country. Read More

Maa Durga is an embodiment of all the feminine energy of this cosmic universe, she is invited into the households in West Bengal on the first day of the Navarathri with immense love and adoration. The eyes of Durga is painted on this day marking it as a special gesture of giving life to the idol. From the next day onwards, the Durgostava continues amidst the great celebration of music, food and pandal hopping across the city of joy. Every day is filled with different types of worshipping but the Sindoor festival is especially famous as it commemorates friendship, joy and unity among the women from all walks of life. Navrathri in West Bengal is synonymous with magnificent processions, brilliant light work, awesome food and loud chatter of joy.

We bring to you a curated collection of Kantha saris, the pride of Bengal in colourful stitches on an eclectic mix of fabrics. Every sari in this curatorial is hand made by the women artisans of SheKantha imbibing within its humble stitch, the essence of Bengal.

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