Collection: Kanjivaram silk sarees by The Silk Line


TheSilkLine is a brand of Kanjivaram silk sarees that are made to appeal to a younger generation of saree lovers. Being true manufacturers with their own looms in Kanchipuram, they have a great setup to come up with innovative new concepts.

Why we love TheSilkLine

The weaving technique in Kanchipuram is ancient, distinctive and has incredible potential. Unfortunately, only certain aspects of this technique have been used and the saris thus made have been repititive with respect to design, color, texture, etc. TheSilkLine hopes to rejuvenate the art of creating saris by integrating artists with the weaving community and by nurturing this inter-connectedness. 

"The merging of warp and weft in weaving are the very symbols of life and breath."​

Vasini Varadan, Founder