Collection: Kanjivaram Silk Sarees Sitamahalakshmi silks


Sita mahalakshmi Silks is a brand owned by young couple entrepreneurs Pradeep Bollineni and Sushmita Palam Bollineni. Sushmita hails from an orthodox weaving community from Kanjivaram, a community which possesses a phenomenal knowledge in silks and has produced promising silk sarees for every occasion for several centuries. Pradeep Bollineni is a serial entrepreneur with 12+ years of experience in technology industry and has a strong presence in hospitality, trading and e-commerce industry.

Why we love Sita Mahalakshmi silks

"The handloom sari from Sita Mahalakshmi silks is a timeless showcase of India's heritage textiles. Their focus is on bringing the finest and best quality hand woven saris to all generations of sari lovers. Going by their motto of preserving the undisputed workmanship of the weavers, they create authentic and artistic sarees that speak for their own.

"Join hands with us and help us to preserve the incomparable culture and workmanship of India."

Sushmita Palam Bollineni, Partner