Collection: Kanjivaram Silk Sarees by Shreenivas Silks


The origin of Shreenivas silks goes all the way back to 1905 in the silk town of Kanchipuram. With humble beginnings as manufacturers of pure zari Kanjivaram silk sarees, they quickly expanded their portfolio to include retail as well with stores located at Chennai and Kanjivaram.

Why we love Shreenivas silks

Authentic weavers are hard to come by and with Shreenivas silks, the quality of the weave and the innovative designs are their true strengths. Each and every silk saree of theirs is crafted by hand in Kanchipuram and they also employ various methods such as using pneumatic compressors to reduce the burden on weavers and make the industry of weaving sustainable.

"The art of weaving is the foundation of the economy that makes up Kanjivaram. The quality of it has been strengthened over many generations and we should do everything in our capacity to encourage it"​

Sreenivas Varadan, Partner