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Naina Jain believes in bringing the best weaving techniques from the nation together to create a harmonious textile space that stays rooted and contemporary at the same time. Read More

Introducing Naina Jain: The cultural identity of a nation lies in its heart, where art thrives in abundance. At every few hundred miles junction in this nation, we find diverse culture flourishing. Naina Jain founded her label in 1997 to celebrate this rich diversity of India. The Tie-Dye technique from Gujarat, the soul of Banaras and the intricate embroidery done by the delicate hands in West Bengal culminates in the grand canvas of Naina Jain’s artistic endeavor.

Why we love Naina Jain: A talented badminton champion paves a niche place among the renowned designers of India through her innate love for the crafts and her urge to showcase the arts of the nation. The designer’s USP lies in promoting a refined form of Kutchi work that has been perfected by the master weavers from the arid deserts of Kutch in Gujarat.

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