Varnam: Orange Edition

Shakti is the universal energy, integrated into every living being. The triumph of Devi is celebrated with festivals, rituals and happiness. Every state welcomes the Devi in its own way. Navratri is a riot of colours and each day is represented by a distinct colour of the goddess. Read More

On the sixth day, we worship Devi Katyayini who is the primordial form of Parvati. She was the daughter of Sage Katya. According to legends, the anger of all the gods turned into a burning flame that equalled the energy emitted by thousands of suns. This heat transformed into this form of the goddess. She was bestowed with weapons of all the gods as she was destined to kill Mahishasur. Once, when she was travelling through the hills of Mysore, two asuras saw her and was mesmerized by her beauty. They told Mahishasur about the goddess and asked him to marry her. The demon asked the goddess for marriage. Devi bided him to win a war with her. After a fierce battle, Devi slew the demon Mahishasur and freed the land from his rage.

There are many more folklores associated with Devi Katyayani, but the crux of all the stories remain the same. They depict her winning battle against the demon. The colour orange signifies her bravery and strength.

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