Ram Lila

Dussehra, the famous Indian festival is derived from two Sanskrit words which means 10 days. On the 10th day, the festival culminates with the grand Vijayadasami where the nation celebrates the triumph of goodness over the evil. Read More

In Maharashtra, Navaratri is the celebration of Lord Ram’s victory over King Ravana who kidnapped Goddess Sita. People gather at huge grounds amidst great fireworks to watch the dance-dramas of stories from the Ramayana (Ram Lila) that portrays the life of Lord Rama. Famous scenes from Ramayana like the wedding, crowning ceremony and many more acts are depicted by artists who perform the dramatic scenes with pious dedication. This grand celebration ends with the burning of three huge effigies of the 10 Headed Ravan with his son Megnath and his brother Kumbakarnan. Thousands of devotees come together to witness this great spectacle that instils in every heart that the good will always win over the evil.

We bring a special collection of Paithani Silk and Cotton saris that are as ancient as the land of Maharashtra. In bright and bold hues, the saris are decorated with timeless motifs and handwoven by a very rare group of weavers.

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