Horizons of Kanchi

We trust and believe in art that frees the mind and celebrates the soul within. In this special repertoire of Kanjivarams without Borders, we are asking you to immerse yourself in the luxurious drapes of handcrafted Silken narratives where each sari is a reflection of an ancient piece of South-Indian heritage. Here, the curation focuses on the stories of the warp and the weft, which creates a plethora of motifs and patterns across the saris. Read More

Simple Kattams, Bold Palum Pazhamum Checks, Signature Motifs like Kolam (Rangoli), Kili (Parrot), Mayil (Peacock), Mangai (Mango) across the body and many more interesting patterns come alive in this collective. We draw the attention on the intricate workmanship of the artisans who draw inspiration from the land, art, architecture, and the thriving life around us. 

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