Bommai Golu

Dussehra is round the corner and Parisera welcomes you to the 9-day event where we bring forward the distinct Dussehra festivals of this diverse nation that hail the victory of Durga over the demon. Every curation will speak of the craft that is imbibed in the rich heritage of this country. Read More

In Tamilnadu, Navarathri is celebrated with the Golu display. Bommai Golu means divine presence, we set 9 steps of dolls, each step represents the nine days of Navaratri. The top is where the main idols with Kalasams are placed, and the successive rows are where the goddesses and other idols are placed. The entire setup is extremely creative and lit up with lights and colourful decoration. The Golu display has constantly changed and adapted according to the modern times as one can find intriguing themes in the layout of this vivid display.In the evenings, intricate kolams (rangolis) are drawn and a feast of Sundal (legumes) and sweets are distributed to the guests who visit homes. It is where young women join together to celebrate Navarathri with good music and food.

We have curated a special collection of Kanjivarams that are deeply intertwined with the culture and heritage of Tamilnadu. The drapes are inspired from the walls of the ancient temples and the abundant flora and fauna one can witness and fall in love.

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